I will cast a curse on anyone

cast a curse on anyone

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Description Blood sigil curse Herbal/candle curse Jar curse
  I will develop an individualized sigil, charge it with blood, and burn it with the target's name I will use a black candle and various herbs (depending on curse type) to curse the target Longest-lasting! I will create a curse jar that will be permanently stored and works indefinitely
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About This Gig

When someone has wronged you or someone you love, sometimes there isn't a good way to get back at them. So why not have a witch turn the energies of the universe against them? Their luck, their business, their love life - all can fall apart with a curse.

For each curse, you will get a list of ingredients used and their purpose, as well as photos/videos of the curse being activated.

Blood Sigil Curse
For this curse, I will create a sigil specifically with the intent you specify towards the target. I then charge it with blood, one of the most powerful ways to activate a sigil's energies, and then burn it to release the negative energies into the universe and towards the target.

Herbal/Candle Curse
This curse involves using black wax and various herbs for a specific purpose - to destroy a relationship/love life, cause business disaster, cause physical pain, or anything else imaginable.

Jar Curse
Jar magick is the longest-lasting and the most powerful curse I offer. All spell ingredients will go into a jar, which will then be charged with solar energy and quartz crystals. The jar will then be permanently stored and continuously working against the target for months or even years.