I will vectorize a raster image

Liv has done great work for me with my real job, and so when I decided to start my hobby jewelry business back up again, I immediately turned to her, and she delivered 110%. She saved me so much time and headache!
Reviewed by mrweld about 1 month ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by coffeehousediva 7 months ago
My "go to" person for vector artwork. Thanks again.
Reviewed by nevgear 9 months ago
Not only great work, very patient as well.
Reviewed by nevgear 9 months ago
Never ceases to impress.
Reviewed by nevgear 10 months ago
I love what the does! She understand exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks Liv!
Reviewed by coffeehousediva 11 months ago
Her attention to detail and professionalism is beyond amazing. Thanks again, Liv.
Reviewed by coffeehousediva 12 months ago
Liv is so easy to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking vector imaging.
Reviewed by coffeehousediva 12 months ago
Great job as usual!
Reviewed by leb7934 12 months ago
More great work by Liv.
Reviewed by ahandor 12 months ago
She delivers once again! I now consider her part of my team :)
Reviewed by coffeehousediva about 1 year ago
Thank you! Wonderful job, so quick on all 4 projects I had to get done. Will definitely use her again.
Reviewed by leb7934 about 1 year ago
vectorize a raster image
vectorize a raster image
vectorize a raster image

About This Gig

I will redraw or convert your raster image or illustration into a high quality vector imageDo you have a raster image that you would want to but can't use in your project due to it's low quality? Maybe you want to redraw a scanned image? Maybe your previous designer didn't provide you with proper vector files of your logo or decorative elements. Either way, I am here to help.

Please send me an image in an as high quality as possible. I will then trace the image and send you high quality .eps, .svg.pdf.jpg/.png files. This works best for line art, logos, illustrations and drawings.

Please don't send camera images and make sure the images you do use are non-commercial (make sure you own the rights of the image and don't just download something from the internet).

Standard $5 fee is listed for a single object or character. Any large, complex images with lots of details, shading and colour will cost additionally.

Feel free to message me before placing an order if you have any questions!

Thank you!

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