I will give you a personal coaching session

give you a personal coaching session

About This Gig

I am a certified and licensed Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist since 2008. I trained in brief solutions-focused therapy, Counseling and Personal Coaching in the UK. I also have a teacher training diploma in Guided Meditation and Self Empowerment Workshops. 

I will help you tackle any issue you may have including but not limited to:

-Weight Loss
-Health & Wellness
-Fear/Panic attacks
-Guided Meditation
-Goal Setting
-Focus & Concentration
-Overcoming challenges
-Finding your purpose
-Allowing abundance
-Staying positive

Ordering this gig will give you a 15 minute one-on-one consultation with me.

All sessions are done in strict confidentiality and absolutely NO details of our conversation will be disclosed to any third parties.
Feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

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5 days delivery
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