I will cold call one of your leads

cold call one of your leads

About This Gig

1 gig = 1 leads called until they answer and accept or reject your offer.

Order as many gigs as you need for your list of leads. The larger the sample size, the more accurate feedback you will get (100+ is best). Use the gig extras below if you want me to write an original cold call script for you before calling. I can also prepare an in depth report & analyses for moving forward with your telemarketing campaign.

The first 30 seconds of cold calling is 90% of the work. Most people tend to ramble on and on, wasting many hours and getting few results. If they seem intrigued by the way you describe what you have to offer, follow up with them and start working on a close. But do not waste the time or energy "selling" anyone. 

The goal is to get a red light or a green light… a definite “wow tell me more” or “not interested, thanks”. Most cold callers waste all their time on yellow lights and “maybes” trying to turn them green. You want the "where have you been all my life???" people.

Not sure if this is what you need right now? Just
contact me and ask for more information. I’m happy to offer advice.