I will write your web contents and articles

write your web contents and articles

About This Gig

In this new gig, I will offer you website or blog solid content and interesting writing.

I write your SEO articles, online content, blog posts and Ebooks on any topic that would you like.

I capture all of your keywords and work them impeccably into your copy.

Note that every bit of my writing is done utterly by me, Liv Moore. I do not hire other writers to work on my clients orders. I have worked with different professionals on their web and provided exceptional content to boost their business and web.

Among the past topics that I have worked on includes the herein:

· Real estates

· Travel

· Health and nutrition

· Marketing

· Events & weddings

· Social media

· Fashion and designs

· Pets

· Products reviews

· Vehicles

· Business tips

· World events

· Lifestyle choice