I will proofread 1250 words quickly and accurately

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proofread 1250 words quickly and accurately

About This Gig

Don't leave it up to chance: get a professional proofreader to make sure your writing is error-free!

What you get with this gig:

  • 1250 words proofread in 24-48 hours for the basic gig
  • Microsoft Word Track Changes function shows all edits and comments made
  • Option for rush service. I can deliver in 12 hours or under if needed
  • I love to proofread large orders, just contact me first for a quote and turnaround time!

Proofreading should be a dialogue; I want you to feel you can contact me with anything you're worried about with your writing project. If you readjust any part of your document, or would like me to re-look over anything you're not sure about, please let me know and we can make sure everything looks perfect together!

Some projects I've worked on in the past: 

  • academic writing including essays, dissertations, and scholarly journals
  • blogs
  • fiction
  • website content
  • self-help
  • ebooks
  • interviews
  • advertisements  

I look forward to being your proofreader!

Order Details

2 days delivery

Standard Package

Proofread 1250 words for spelling, grammar, and punctuation

  • Up to 1250 Words

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between proofreading and editing?
    Proofreading involves checking your work for any spelling, grammar, or usage errors. I do proofreading in this gig. Editing involves changing the actual content of the work, so changing to organization or ideas in the writing.
  • Why is rush service considered an extra?
    Because like with any service, it involves extra effort and scheduling to deliver the same quality of service in a shorter time and therefore is considered a premium or extra option. I want to make sure I give you the best service possible even with a shorter deadline!
  • I have a big order (3000 words or more). What should I do?
    I welcome large orders! Send me a message and I will be able to give you a quote and estimate of how quickly I can return your work. If you place a large order without speaking to me, I may not be able to guarantee the timeframe you need so please communicate to ensure best service.
  • What type of English are you familiar with?
    English is my first language and I was born and currently live in Canada. I am familiar with CAN, US, and UK English. My default is to proofread with US English as most of my customers are from America, so please let me know if you need otherwise.