I will write and Record Music for Your Video

write and Record Music for Your Video

About This Gig

I will write an ORIGINAL instrumental jingle *specifically* for you to use as royalty free background music for your fiverr* gig video promo!

You can request:

  •  a specific instrument to play the main melody (acoustic or electric guitar, cello, ukulele, synthesizer, etc)
  • The style or genre of the jingle (rock, folk, hip-hop, r&b, metal, electronic, etc)
  • the "vibe" of the tune - if you want something heavy and intense for a tattoo-style art gig, or something sunny and cheerful for handmade hemp bracelets, or ANYTHING YOU WANT!
  • I can make those decisions based on your gig if you send me a link.

**If you already have a video without music, please let me know; if you provide me with the video file, I can deliver a video back with music added in at appropriate volume levels.**

  • You will receive a HIGH QUALITY audio file under 60 seconds (video length limit) in whatever format you request (WAV/AIF/MP3/ETC)