I will write your melody in Sheet Music Notation

write your melody in Sheet Music Notation

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Description Basic Melody Melody with Chords Full Nashville
  One note-at-a-time (violin, vocal, kazoo, etc) up to one minute long, or 200 notes. One note at a time melody up to a minute, including chord symbols above the staff for accompanist Full melody, chords and lyrics. Perfect for Copyrighting your songs, or creating lead sheets!
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About This Gig

I will write your melody from an audio file (mp3, youtube, MIDI, whatever!) for $5!

You will have a professional lead sheet of the melody in a PDF file for easy printing at home or reading off of an iPad or Kindle!

GREAT for learning a new instrument like violin, recorder, flute, cello, clarinet, oboe, trumpet, horn, or even voice! Please indicate what instrument you'd like your melody transcribed for (the clef and key signature will be for that instrument)

This gig covers monophonic (one note at a time like vocals, flute, trumpet, fiddle, etc) melodies up to 60 seconds in length or up to 200 notes. 

For longer or more complex songs, please contact me about ordering extras.