I will make a phone call to your business or other for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
make a phone call to your business or other
make a phone call to your business or other

About This Gig

Complete a call per your instructions for compliance monitoring purposes. Phone call can be recorded as well. I have also made phone calls for verification purposes and called USA based website customers for overseas sellers. I can probably do it I will follow your instructions on how to interact with the party who answers the phone and relay back to you any data that you may need.

**this is not a telemarketing service, calls are the same price regardless of outcome, if you hit me up with a telemarketing proposal, you will have a bad time**

*calls are from a USA based phone number, NOT a google voice number*

*calls are the same price regardless of outcome.  If I am asked to make a call to collect some information, I can only get what the answering party chooses to release. A best effort will be made to complete the call as instructed, but I do not control the other party involved in the call. The outcome of the call is not guaranteed, only that the call will be made For example: "Call this number and find out how many dogs they have" I will try to find out, but I cannot force them to tell me, yet the call was made and the gig is complete.

change quantities of gig for multiple calls

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you call the person I am interested in and get them to go on a date with me?
    It's pretty simple, that depends on them. I will try my best, but i can't speak to the behavior/reaction of the other party.
  • Can you provide an accent?
    My natural accent is "midwestern united states" but others can be provided upon request.
  • What Lauguages are available?
    English only at this time, Spanish may be available at the time of your order, please ask BEFORE making the order
  • Can you Blah my Blah?
    Please feel free to ask specifics BEFORE you place your order. I want to get you what you are looking for.