I will help you improve your piano playing

help you improve your piano playing

About This Gig

This gig is all about helping you improve as a pianist, regardless of your level.

I am a professional piano teacher with years of experience working with students at all ages and levels. I graduated Yale with a degree in music and studied piano with a professor at the Yale School of Music.

I will listen carefully to your piano performance (based on your audio or video file) and offer you one quick tip in writing, aimed at helping you improve your playing. It could be specific to the pieces or songs in the file or to other aspects of your performance.

If you want more than one quick tip, I can provide you with a full written analysis of your performance, including tips and constructive criticism. To order a critique, select one of the following based on the length of your audio/video file:

  • Deluxe Critique (for files under 5 minutes long)
  • Extended Critique (for files between 5 and 15 minutes long)

Please refer to the FAQ section for additional information.

Order Details

5 days delivery
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the audio or video file need to be from a concert?
    No. The audio or video file you send me can be of an actual performance you gave recently at a concert or it can just be an informal recording of you playing the piece on your own at home. It just needs to be a solo piano performance that you would like critiqued.
  • Will the critique be made public?
    No. I don't publish the critiques and I won't show your critique to anyone except for you. The critique is private and meant only to help you improve.
  • Will you critique piano duets or chamber music?
    At this time, I am only offering critiques of solo piano performances.
  • What type of quality must the audio or video file be?
    The quality must be good enough for me to be able to listen to and critique your performance. Beyond that, I don't have specific file requirements.
  • Should I send an audio or video file?
    It's up to you. If you send an audio file, then I will (of course) concentrate only on the sound aspect of your performance. If you send a video file, I can also critique you on other aspects of piano performance, such as correct posture and fingering.
  • What if I already take lessons from a teacher?
    This service can complement regular lessons by offering another professional perspective on your playing. It is particularly valuable if you are preparing for a piano competition, college audition, school or community recital, NYSSMA, or other important piano performance in the near future.
  • Do I need to send you the sheet music for my performance?
    No. It is not necessary to provide any sheet music. You will only be asked to provide basic information about the pieces or songs in the performance (such as the title and composer, if known).