I will fully record and produce your song

fully record and produce your song
fully record and produce your song

About This Gig

This is your one stop shop to take your song from your idea and turn it into a professionally produced track.  

I am a singer/songwriter and producer living in Nashville TN.  I work as a musician full time and I'd love to help you take your song to it's fullest potential.  

What this gig is: 
We take your song (must have lyrics, melody and basic chordal structure) and we do the rest. 
1. You will get full instrumentation recorded (i.e. acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, synth, bass guitar, etc.) 
2. Plus lead vocals and harmonies (sung by myself for male lead vocals, and female vocals you would have a few options) 
3. We will produce the track (the process of taking all those pieces and instruments and ideas and making them all come together in a cohesive way)
4. We will mix and master the track (the final step of taking all the pieces and sonically fitting them together.) 

Flat rates: 
Full Band Recording: $350 - includes 1-4 above. 
Acoustic Demo: $150 - includes acoustic guitar, lead vocals and harmonies plus producing, mixing and mastering