I will advertise your garage sale

advertise your garage sale

About This Gig

For only $5 I will advertise your garage sale/ estate sale/ yard sale on over 7 different websites.

I guarantee you will see more customers at your sale!

I will create an attractive sales pitch that will drive traffic to your sale.
On average, garage sales advertised by me receive more customers than if you were to advertise on your own (more customers = more money). I don't mean to brag but i stand by my results.
I have years of experience in advertising estate sales through my estate liquidation company. I have successfully run my business for the past 15 years and over the years I have learned many tricks on advertising. I will use these same tricks to help you have a very successful sale.

Here's a few helpful tips to make your sale even more successful!
  • Don't price high
You will sell more stuff and make more money by selling stuff cheap.

  • Signs, Signs, Signs!
You cannot have a successful sale without lots of signs (minimum of 4 signs).

  • Create Urgency
Consider doing a one day, or an everything must go sale.

  • Always price the items
There's nothing I hate more than having to constantly ask sellers the prices for everything.

*If you have any questions for me, please feel free to contact me.

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Advertising Package

I will promote, advertise, and market your garage sale on over 7 different websites.

2 days delivery
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