I will audio Mixing Mastering add sound effect Produce for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
audio Mixing Mastering add sound effect Produce
audio Mixing Mastering add sound effect Produce

About This Gig


File Preparation
•  WAV/AIFF files are best, high quality MP3's are acceptable
•  Message me first for a quote if your song is over 10 minutes 

•  Don't max out the volume of your mix before sending
•  See my extras for multi-track mixing (only send WAV, AIFF or Mp3's, no project or session files)

  • It will give your songs that Polished, Professional, Crisp, and Glued sound that commercially released Cd's and songs have
  • Your music will sound its best on all sound systems. For example: Your car, the club, your Hi-Fi stereo, ipods, portable radios, your PC and every other available playback system


  • Correcting Mixing Deficiencies with Equalization & Dynamic Controlled Processing
  • Your levels will match throughout your songs, so each song flows from one to another. It makes for a smooth transition

  • We will control the dynamics of each track in such a way, that it will make your instruments have more punch, more power, sound louder, & will sit better in the mix

At a rate of $5 for every 5 stems of audio, you're getting a great deal for professional mixing and mastering. (Ex. 6 stems would be $10, 13 stems would be $15, etc.)