I will convert your MIDI file to MP3 or other audio format

convert your MIDI file to MP3 or other audio format

About This Gig

Midi file contain musical information, a series of instructions that tell a computer how to play back a piece of music.

However, when these files a played back using your system's sound card, they sound a bit rubbish! You'll also find these files can't be used in lots of software or situations, such as adding music to a video, where audio files such as .MP3 format or .WAV format is required.

I will use high quality virtual instruments to create a great sounding MP3 or other audio file format of your choice from your MIDI file.

The basic gig gets you your MIDI file played back using virtual instruments and converted to your chosen audio format. Extras available are:

  • Humanising - I will add subtle human-like variance to the way the musical information is played back that makes and sound more like it was played by a real musician.
  • Real instruments - I can record real guitar and bass guitar parts. Synthesised guitars don't sound nearly as good as the real thing! Add 1 gig extra per instrument per 1 minute of music. (E.g. a 2 minute piece of music with 2 guitar parts would need 4 extras.)
  • Mixing / Mastering - I will adjust the levels and other elements of the mix to make it sound great!

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