I will repair your damaged audio

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repair your damaged audio
repair your damaged audio

About This Gig

There are no packages since most audio issues are different and so packages didn't seem to make much sense. Please contact me for a custom order.

Damage to audio can relate to anything extraneous to the program material that you didn't intend to be there. It includes things such as:

- Electrical interference / Hum / Buzz

- Ambient noise

- Hiss

- Clicks

- Crackles

- Pops

- Harmonic and Atmospheric dropouts

- Comb Filtering

- Reverb (not echo)

- Excessive Resonances

- Plosives

- String squeak

- Overly Done Compression

- Overmodulation / Clipping

- High Frequency Modulation

- Transient Loss

- High Frequency Loss

- Intermittent / Extraneous Sounds

- ...or a combination of which.
Please contact me before ordering so we can discuss what's available to you to fit your needs.

  • Video files carry an additional cost due to additional work.
  • The 5 day delivery time is there to accommodate particularly damaged audio and isn't indicative of a usual response time.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you make my atrocious sounding audio sound like it was recorded in a professional studio using the best equipment?
    I wish! But no, this is not possible. Excellent sounding audio comes from excellent recordings. What i can do is i can do what can be done towards making your audio sound the best it can given the state of the initial source.
  • Can you remove this noise?
    What can be done is attenuation. Sometimes noise can be attenuated below the point of audibility for a casual listening, but noise will always be present in audio.
  • How good can you make my audio sound?
    As good as it can given the initial state. However, there are various different levels of processing that can be done depending on your requirements. Please contact me for advice and an explanation of what's available to you to fit your needs.