I will master your music track

master your music track
master your music track

About This Gig

Mastering in this context is about a final touch of quality control for your mix before you distribute it for consumption by way of internet streaming (bandcamp, youtube, soundcloud, etc.), as well as home-made CD's.

Keep the following in mind before submitting:

  1. Leave some headroom. I can do nothing if you've cranked it to full scale. Maximum peak level of -6dBFS
  2. Submit a render of your mix. Generally, 24bit/44.1kHz is ample. If your project is at higher sample rates then this is fine. Mastering from a lossy format is not advisable.
  3. Take the compressor off the master bus (unless you've mixed into one for artistic purposes). Let me worry about the level though.
  4. Get your mix right. Little can be done on a stereo mix compared to a multi-track session, so it's best to get things right before you submit your mix for mastering. Please see the gig extras for any additional processing needs.

Achieve those 4 points are we're all set for an excellent master!

  • Check out the gig extras for help with additional tasks.
  • For any repair work prior to mastering please request it here or see my repair gig here on Fiverr.

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Mastering music

Mastering music

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What level will my file have?
    .wav will be true peak limited to -1dBFS. The optimum level of an mp3 will generally be dependant on the frequency content of the material, with high amounts of high frequency content often requiring the levels to be more relaxed. -2dBFS is a conservative estimate.
  • Can you make this master you sent me even louder?
    Quite possibly, but what medium are you aiming to release it on? Many streaming services (youtube, spotify, Apple radio, etc.), normalise their audio to the range they've chosen, so your music will be turned down or up to conform to their range. Some places (soundcloud, bandcamp), don't.
  • Will you do something creative for me?
    Yes, but only if you know exactly what it is that you want. E.g. Apply dotted 1/8th note synced ping pong delay starting on the final snare with a linear fade. Rather than just wanting something done to the end. If you're unsure what you're after then it needs to go back to the production and mix
  • What type of file will be delivered?
    16bit / 44.1kHz .wav, unless you tell me otherwise. The $5 is for 1 file of your choosing.
  • Will you master my album?
    If there's sufficient interest i may put up a gig for album mastering. But this gig is for singles.
  • Will you master my podcast?
    I will perform a levelling process to -16LUFS across the entire file for $5 if you wish. More detailed podcast mastering is not offered in this gig.
  • What do you use to master?
    Mastering will use any process that's necessary, mostly this is equalisation, dynamic processors, and limiters/maximisers. Imagers and exciters on the odd mix. But anything can be used if the mix is a mess. I work in software, utilising digital linearity and precision and/or analogue models.