I will translate English text to Dutch, 400 words

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translate English text to Dutch, 400 words

About This Gig

Hi there!

I'm a linguistics student from the Netherlands, 20 years old. I've been writing in Dutch my whole life, and my writing style is often described as "smooth" and "a pleasure to read." I graduated from high school with a 9,4 for Dutch (a score of 94%), with especially high grades for my writing assignments.

For you, I will translate 400 words from Dutch to English (of course, a few words more are no problem, but let me know in advance, so I can see if I'm okay with it). If you've longer texts, you can buy my gig  a few times, but then it could take me a bit longer to deliver your order.

Just contact me if you have any questions! Also, please contact me when you have a long text (more than 1500 words), so I can see whether I have time to help you :-)

- Charlotte

PS. Fiverr might show you that I'm 'too slow' sometimes with my delivery. This is because of the bigger orders I get. If your text is not too long, I will of course deliver it on time for you :-)