I will motivate you to lose weight

motivate you to lose weight
motivate you to lose weight
motivate you to lose weight

About This Gig

Would you love to goto a weight loss event or meeting but find time is difficult?


Maybe you would benefit from help online to support you in your weight loss journey.  How can that work for you?

Each week you will receive the same information that the members in the group get via email. You also get one to one support from me (Your nutritional therapist) each week.  Weigh in at home at the same time each week and email over to me your results.  We will plan and track how much weight you need to lose and what a healthy BMI will be for you.

Also a specialist gents service.

Setting goals to get you started like losing 10% of your total weight.  

Once you send me your email, you will get a personal reply each week tailored to you and how you are getting on. You will add the gig each week for help directly from me.  You can also tap into my youtube channel too for extra tips for free! Lusher Life nutrition. 

Should you require more help via skype we can organise this for you (at additional cost).

Take the time you need for yourself but in a setting which will benefit you and your time restraints.

We are here to help and find the answers you need to get your journey started.


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