I will make up to 5 phone calls for you

make up to 5 phone calls for you

About This Gig

Sales Call, Follow-up Calls, Reminder Calls, Customer service Calls ; whatever you need, lovableimmu will be your go-to phone guy.

For $5 I'll call a list of 5 people for you.

  • Calls anywhere in the world - FREE.
  • Same Day & Instant Delivery available.
  • Inbound facility available. Ask for my number to route calls.
  • Volume Discount available. You can also hire me on a retainer if you need ongoing support.

I'm experienced at lead generation and appointment setting. I can call your list to sell products/services, get an appointment or achieve any other objective you're aiming for.

Please contact me to discuss your project and I'll be happy to answer your questions.

Questions? Drop me a note and I'll respond at my earliest.

Please note: Orders placed on holidays/weekends will be delayed until the next business day.
1 dial is billed as 1 call, follow-ups/incoming calls charged separately. If the recipient does not answer, I can leave a message.