I will be Your American Girl Singer

be Your American Girl Singer
be Your American Girl Singer

About This Gig

Hey Fiverr! If you're looking for the all-American girl radio sound, I'd love to sing/songwrite on your tracks! I am a professional singer in Los Angeles and I want to bring a fresh sound on your music. I sing all genres from pop to rock, to house/EDM and even do voiceovers, jingles and custom orders. Just message me if you have anything specific in mind. Here is my pricing breakdown:

$5: 30 seconds of vocals/voice
$5: 30 seconds of songwriting

discounts offered in gig extras!

If your track is longer than 30 seconds then just go ahead and order multiple gigs! 

Keep in mind this is for the raw unmixed vocal file, if you want it mixed I can refer you to some great mixers on fiverrs. I will do a light mix, but if you want something more I can give you the project file, just check out my gig extras!