I will telepathically read someones mind

telepathically read someones mind
telepathically read someones mind

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  Basic mind reading, more information in description. This package includes one mind implant and one thouhgt removal Mind implant, thought removal, all of mine gig extras(think of you, dream s,spicing their emotions)
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About This Gig

Hello my dear Fiverr`s!

Did you ever wonder what's on your girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wife, or friends mind?                                    Well, I can solve your curiosity or dilemma forever!

It can be your:
  •     best friend
  •     your boyfriend/girlfriend
  •     someone from your family
  •     your husband/wife
  •     literally anyone

Why this gig is extra cheap in comparison with others?
Well I don't do this for money, I'm doing this because it's my passion, I'm always here to help,most of my money goes to charity.  I really want to fill myself with good karma, and by that I'm boosting your good karma too!

I do not sugarcoat my answers, I don't lie just to get your positive feedback. I take your questions very seriously, and I will provide you real answers without any lies! So please  if you don't feel ready to hear the truth ,please do not purchase my readings.
So,PLACE YOUR ORDER as soonest as possible and your work will be done in the shortest time possible.

100% satisfaction or money back

I`m waiting for you.With love, Genesis

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can person know that he or she was the target of mind control?
  • How can I manipulate with other humans minds?
    It's easy, I find their mind and soul, into another universe, and through that universe I control them in our world.
  • Can I quote what exactly others think?
    Yes, of course.
  • Is mind reading always precise?
  • Can you tell me what does the person feel about me through mind reading?
    Yes, of course. I feel their emotions too.