I will diligently copyedit up to 3,000 words

diligently copyedit up to 3,000 words
diligently copyedit up to 3,000 words
diligently copyedit up to 3,000 words
diligently copyedit up to 3,000 words

About This Gig

Does your manuscript need the polish of a copyedit? I can help! I work with self-published authors and students of all levels. While editing, my goal is to leave your style and voice intact. In the end, I provide a document with Track Changes enabled and a cleaned up document with all of my edits accepted for easy reviewing. I genuinely love what I do. If you choose me, you will not be disappointed!

As an experienced freelance copy editor, I will:

  - Correct grammar, punctuation, and syntax

  - Ensure consistency in spelling, hyphenation,
    numerals, fonts, and capitalization

  - Draw attention to overused words or sentences
    and run-on sentences
 - Track internal consistency (applies to fiction)

I have extensive experience editing:

  - Academic essays

  - Web content

  - Blog posts

  - Teacher worksheets

  - Fiction books and short stories

  - Nonfiction books

For orders over 3,000 words or for extra fast service, please message me (preferably between 10 am - 6 pm Pacific time zone). I will be happy to provide a custom offer via inbox with an accurate delivery timeframe.

Order Details


I will diligently copyedit up to 3,000 words with Microsoft Track Changes enabled.

3 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am new to Fiverr. How do I get started?
    Welcome to Fiverr! To get started, simply send me a message with a few details about your project, such as the total word count of your file and when you need the work completed by. You can even attach your file for me to view, but this is not required.
  • What if I placed an order over 3K words without contacting you first?
    No worries. Because Fiverr's server does not accurately adjust the delivery time for the seller, what will likely happen is I will request a mutual cancellation. Your funds will be promptly returned to you, and I'll send you a new custom offer via inbox with the correct delivery timeframe.
  • Do you have a queue limit?
    I am a full-time student. In order to guarantee high-quality editing, I have a queue limit of 2-3 orders per week, and I pause my Gig as needed. If you see that my Gig is paused, feel free to message me with details about your project. If I am available for more work, I'll send you a custom offer.
  • Can I reserve my spot in advance?
    If you have an important project coming up, let me know your due date and the total word count you anticipate the final paper being. If I can commit to this, I will let you know how much time I would need. From there, we will agree on a date that works with both of our schedules to begin the order.
  • Do you also offer formatting and critique services?
    I do not offer any writing, complete rewriting, formatting, or critique services. At this time I am only offering copyediting services with the option to also add my Helpful Comments Gig Extra to your order.
  • Is the Helpful Comments Gig Extra right for me?
    My Gig Extra is great for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills, such as middle school, high school, or advanced level ESL students. Service includes: identifying your common errors, thoroughly explaining grammatical concepts, and providing personalized tips.
  • What should I expect after a delivery?
    I love working as a team. That is why after a delivery, I always welcome grammar questions. Also, I encourage all of my clients who choose to rewrite sections based on my suggestions to send me their updated file via inbox for me to re-examine it at no extra cost!