I will remove your anxiety from election

remove your anxiety from election
remove your anxiety from election

About This Gig

If you're hurting, angry, confused, grieving, sad, scared or anxious at this current political climate, I will help you unplug from the current collective consciousness, and connect you to your heart and personal power. 

It's hard when we're plugged into the collective consciousness that is rampant with fear of the future, pain of the past, and present attitudes as a result of the present decision.  When we identify so much with our skin color, sexual orientation, income group, political/relgious beliefs and gender.....and the conflict it draws into the world for being who we are, a whirlwind of emotions stir up. 

There are a lot of intense energies and unconscious mental programs floating around right now. The eye of the storm is where you draw in your contact with your inner power.

This healing is intended to help you let go of things that are holding you down, and draw in harmonious energy that allows for you to see where you are, what powers you have, and what you can do to make yourself happy, successful, connected to your peace, your love, and spirit.

Many blessing. Love and light


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unplug from collective energies

unplug you from energies that are not for your highest good

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