I will ping your site and bring traffic to it frequently

ping your site and bring traffic to it frequently

About This Gig

Hey there! In this Gig, I will be driving 100% human traffic to your site(s)/blog(s)/video(s). With my gig, your site will be pinged every 3 days for 1 month, meaning you will see an increase in unique site visits every 3 days for 30 days.  But what is "Pinging"? It's a method used to drive clicks to a specific URL across many websites and Domains. It's effective to a site's growth.
This gig includes:

-  NO "Hacks, bots, macros"; Again, your traffic is being fully promoted by me, and these real people may even share your site, raking in even more views.

Google Publicity; people will find you through any browser and my SEO.  Any site is welcome, I just need the URL.

- No limits on how many people can visit your site. There's 100+ visits guaranteed every 3 days, and 900+ visitors monthly.

- A consistent flow of visitors and promotions.

- Being able to track your progress via Google Analytics!

If you have any questions for me whatsoever regarding how the trafficking will work, I will answer you. I want to develop trust with my client, and am happy to serve you and your website.

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1 day delivery