I will write your name with dragons

Excellent & unique product - thank you lstumpdesign!
Reviewed by kenny88888 10 months ago
I am a lover and collector of winged dragons and thought it would be fun to have this work in my name. It was exactly as expected and really beautiful work.
Reviewed by sherychristophe 10 months ago
Super fast, so happy with this, thanks!
Reviewed by behappy238 over 1 year ago
Beautiful work, very accommodating. Thank you!
Reviewed by behappy238 over 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by exsulrex over 1 year ago
Quick turnaround! Cute as heck.
Reviewed by kozatad about 3 years ago
quick and amazing!
Reviewed by coupee36 about 4 years ago
write your name with dragons

About This Gig

I have hand illustrated (digitally) the 26 letters of the alphabet to look like dragons. They are full color. Upper case only. White background. All letters have to be placed individually, so I do NOT offer sentences. Default size that I do is specifically designed to be used as a cover photo for Facebook (850 x 315 pixels). I will do whichever file dimensions that you prefer, just note that the type was designed to be about 160pt Garamond and does not scale larger without beginning to sacrifice quality. The original files are 300dpi, so you can be sure to get clear image if you wish to print it out. Again please be aware of size constraints.***Purchase one gig for first name, last name, or whatever word you want. For 10 or more letters, you will need to order another gig. Every five letters after that will need another gig*** THIS WORK IS NOT FOR RESALE. I also hold the right to claim this work as my own and use it in my portfolio and in other places as I see fit. However, I will not use it for myself and I will not sell it to others for use.