I will assess your YouTube channel and suggest improvements

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assess your YouTube channel and suggest improvements
assess your YouTube channel and suggest improvements

About This Gig

Got a YouTube or twitch channel, and want to get more views? This gig is for you! I am an experienced in SEO, commentary, and entertainment personalities! I can assess your channel as a whole, and suggest edits to help you draw in more traffic! Some of the things I evaluate:
  • Your style:
    It takes a special kind of educational video to be funny and entertaining, and a game commentary could be made more interesting with just a small change of style!
  • Channel name:
    Your channel name could be inhibiting you from getting any traffic.
  • Video titles:
    The things you name your videos and streams matter! It could be the difference between 10,000 views and 10!
  • Video descriptions and links:
    The description of your videos and streams make a big difference in user experience, and links to things like your channels facebook page are important.
  • Fan Interaction and Calls to Action:
    Increase fan interaction!
  • Channel art:
    Your channel art is the first thing most people see, make sure it's a good first impression!
  • And much more!

You will also be given the opportunity to join a private collaboration mailing list, to help others find you to collaborate.
Due to the fiverr character limit, message me for more info!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of channels will benefit from this?
    Most types of channels will benefit from this gig. Gaming, Comedy, Educational and How-to channels are a few examples of channels that would benefit from assessment and improvement.
  • What if you can't find anything that needs improvement?
    If I can find nothing that needs improvement, I will refund your order immediately :)