I will teach you a guitar solo

teach you a guitar solo
teach you a guitar solo
teach you a guitar solo

About This Gig


Are you struggling to work out a guitar riff/solo or can't find the TAB's? 

Well look no further!

For $5 I will teach you how to play the guitar Riff/Solo you are trying to learn! Whether it is an epic guitar solo or catchy riff, I will learn it and 
make an instructional video for you!

I will provide a quality video of me showing you step by step how to play the part (broken down), followed by a slow run through of the section followed by a full-speed run through, all with a PDF tab sheet.

All I will require from you is the song name/link to the version you most like and the part of which you want to learn and I can get to it!

I have had 10 years experience playing the guitar and have dedicated the time to train my ear so that I can comfortably work out melodies to a very high degree of accuracy and am continually improving on this!

I would recommend contacting me before you make an order so that i can clarify the exact parts you wish to learn and this will allow me to deliver a product that you are happy with!

Here is a link to a piece that I have recently worked out to give an idea of the level accuracy I can achieve:

Thank you!


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