I will prepare you for an interview

prepare you for an interview

About This Gig

During my time as an instructor of Business Communication and having worked with several local HR firms, I often see that individuals are not as prepared for an interview as they should be.  As someone that has conducted many mock interviews and is aware of the current trends in interview styles, I will provide you with insight into what you are likely to expect in an interview for the basic package.

We all know that practice makes perfect but that is often overlooked at the most crucial step, the interview.  For an upgrade, I will work with you via Skype on a mock interview that will resemble the specific job for which you have an interview.

For a separate upgrade, I will provide you with questions that are specific to your job field that you can practice on your own.

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3 days delivery

Be hired in the first 2 minutes

I will provide you with ways to stand out positively in the interview and prepare you for questions