I will create a memorable speech that enchants your audience

create a memorable speech that enchants your audience

About This Gig

For the basic kit, I will provide you with a speech topic and the necessary research materials.

For add-ons, I can write your speech for you in a way conducive to your style and sense of humor.

I have coached 2 national public speaking champions in impromptu at the college level and coached a national championship debate team.  I served as a communication facilitator for a property management group and currently serve as a professor of communication, which I have been doing for the past 14 years.  I have worked in academia, at a funeral home as a guest liaison, and have even sold Kirby vacuums door to door as a summer job (by far the most difficult job).

I have tutored college athletes that have gone on to the pro level (University of Kansas athletes) and mentored hundreds of young individuals that are now in the workforce, grad school, or academia.

I will work with you to create a work that fits you and your needs.  Whether it's overcoming speech anxiety, conveying your ideas to an audience at a wedding in a way that brings tears and laughter, or simply giving a speech in a speech class, I will help you succeed.

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Speech Starter Kit

I will provide you with what you need to start your speech. I do the hard part, you complete it.

3 days delivery