I will create and publish your dream app with your name

create and publish your dream app with your name

About This Gig

Ever had an awesome idea for an app?  You know that game you've had in your mind that you keep thinking how cool it would be to tell people about once it's made, but have never been able to actually create and publish it?  Yea, well it's quite a common thing, so get in there before the others!

For a cheap price I am offering my ever diversifying Swift programming skills to create an app direct from your mind, I will convert that annoyingly addictive game, or unbelievably useful everyday tool you've been thinking up for ages into a sleekly designed, easy to use, performance enhanced App of your dreams, then publish it directly to the Apple AppStore at no extra cost!

So what are you waiting for?  Purchase today and you could have your name live on the AppStore in no time. Bragging rights for days!

Why can you offer this service for so cheap?
A Question I get asked on a regular basis, and the simple answer is... I'm a college student, actively studying Computer Science, Business and Maths [helpful for that annoying algorithm you haven't been able to conquer ;) ] So I need to build up a portfolio of my work, so you get your awesome app and I get to bulk up my portfolio! It's a win win.

Order Details

Basic App + FREE AppStore Hosting

I will program your dream app idea + Publish it to the App Store for FREE with your name

  • App Submission
  • Splash Screen
  • 1 Operating System
  • App Icon
  • Ad Network Integration
10 days delivery 9 Revisions