I will bring back your ex EVEN if they moved on

bring back your ex EVEN if they moved on
bring back your ex EVEN if they moved on
bring back your ex EVEN if they moved on

About This Gig

Few things are more painful than the sense of lost love. 

If your loved one has left you, I have a special charm to bring them back into your life.

Make them miss you like crazy. Make them think about you all the time. Make them regret their decision to leave you and make them desperate to come back.

This works on every ex. It doesn't matter why they left. It doesn't even matter if they've moved on. It doesn't matter if they decided to be with someone else. 

I'll bombard them with psychic messages until they're forced to reveal the LOVE they still feel for you. Then my charm will work it's magic and draw them back into your orbit.

Get your relationship back!

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3 days delivery

Bring your EX back

Get your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend back, for REAL.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can this be done on multiple people?
    This spell will target one individual. If you like to target multiple people, please order multiple quantities and make sure to specify all the information for each person. I recommend concentrating on just one person at a time.
  • I have not been in contact with my ex for years, can this still work?
    Yes, the spell can be done, but your ex will need some way to reach you after the magic has worked on his or her heart. If they know your phone, address, social media account or a mutual friend, this is fine. Otherwise you will need to reach out to them and it may take research to find them.
  • My ex said they hate me, can this spell still work on them?
    Yes, the spell will work to draw on the positive feelings that dwell inside their heart. Even if they are angry, those memories are present; passion is still there. However, if you know you have seriously harmed your ex and have no intention of changing your behaviour, I ask you not to order.
  • My ex is engaged or married, can this spell still be done?
    Technically, yes. However, it is crucial to examine the situation and decide if it is truly the best course of action to break up his/her committed relationship. Consider the pain this may cause your ex and others in his/her life, such as children. Only order if you believe it's best for them too.
  • Will this spell fix the chronic problems in our relationship?
    No, this spell will only draw the two of you back together. It will be important for you both to work on correcting habits and behaviours which have undermined the relationship in the past, otherwise it could fail once more.
  • Can you tell me exactly how this spell will play out and what relationship we will have?
    This gig provides the spell only. If you would like to learn what the future holds for you and your relationship, I recommend a reading. There are many varieties listed in my gigs, all can be tailored toward relationships and love.
  • How long before this takes effect?
    The spell will begin to work immediately and grows in power over time. If you are amicably separated, you will see changes in 1-2 weeks. If you are distant but not angry with each other, several weeks for results; if you are hostile toward each other, it can be 5-6 weeks.