I will break ANY curse, protect you from evil

break ANY curse, protect you from evil
break ANY curse, protect you from evil

About This Gig

Hexes, jinxes, curses! You often hear of these things joked about, but reality is no laughing matter. 

Just a few known effects of curses can include:
  • Consistent and inexplicable bad luck
  • Mental health issues, medical complications
  • Financial instability, poverty
  • Overwhelming fears and phobias
  • Paranormal or unexplained happenings

Curses are very real and can cause serious damage to your health and happiness. Fortunately, they can be broken!

When you order this basic gig, I will PERMANENTLY AND TOTALLY DESTROY the curse affecting you. You will notice an immediate sensation of inner peace and relief as the curse is broken. The darkness will be lifted from your life. 

If you're dealing with a curse that affects multiple people, order the Generational Curse gig. This will heal curses placed on many people, generational or ancestral curses. End the cycle now! You can also Bind the curse caster, to prevent them from EVER causing further harm. A Spiritual Cleanse will restore your balance and remove the tarnish of evil from your soul. You will be freed from doubt, negativity and mental illness caused by these curses. Protection will keep you PERMANENTLY safe from future evil attacks or curses.

Order Details

Break your hex or curse

I will BREAK your hex or curse no matter what kind or who cast it on you

3 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am Christian (Muslim, Buddhist, et...) will this violate my faith?
    I recommend consulting your religious advisor about this, particularly if your tradition shuns "witchcraft". I'll happily answer any questions they have. This spell is "secular", no deities/spirits are summoned. No black magic is involved. It can be customised with respect to your faith, too.
  • I am not certain I was cursed, can I still order?
    You may, but I recommend you contact me first in order to save money. We can discuss the situation together and find out if you really have been cursed. If you do go ahead and order without being cursed, no harm will come, but I'd be sad to see you spending money when it was not necessary.
  • I am not sure who cursed me, can I still order?
    Yes. Your unconscious mind does know who cast the curse, and the curse can be broken, even if that person died long ago. If you feel a strong desire to know who is responsible, I suggest a psychic reading. I can tailor it uncover who cursed you and give you information about why they did this.