I will read their mind and tell you EXACTLY what they think

read their mind and tell you EXACTLY what they think

About This Gig

Perhaps you've wished you could open up a significant other's mind and read it like a book. The good news is with this gig YOU CAN!

Using my unique psychic abilities, I can delicately and discreetly probe any mind. Regardless of how resistant or stubborn an individual may be, I will be able to carefully break through their defences and discover what secrets they keep. 

This gig will give you an emotional snapshot of exactly what is on their mind right now. You may find out about important issues, significant events, strong emotions and thought patterns.

For even more in-depth and decisive information, consider gig extras. These are deeper and more intricate reads with many details. Worried about Infidelity or Dishonesty? I can find out if these problems exist, and if so, give you detailed and insightful information. Know who is involved, where, why, et. I can also find out exactly how they feel about you and the Relationship. Maybe you need to know how they manage and approach Finances. For any other topic, choose Any Question and I'll find out exactly what is happening and put your mind at ease.

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Psychic mind reading

I will read their mind and let you know what they are thinking, doing and even more!

3 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can you do these readings on?
    Absolutely anybody alive can be read. The deceased can be read in a sense. We can see what remains of their last thoughts and feelings. However, I do not consider myself equipped to communicate with the dead in their present state, so impressions may be years old.
  • Can you find out where he was last Tuesday at 9:07?
    Perhaps. If this was just another boring Tuesday for him it will not stand out and may be impossible to see. However, if he was feeling strong emotion, having a novel experience or doing something which left a big impression on him, it will be visible.
  • Will he/she know their mind was read?
    No, not unless this person is an extremely sensitive psychic. Readings are very gentle, calm and non-invasive. If I sense the person is very tense or closed off, I will leave it and come back later when they calm down. They will not notice and there is no lasting effect or damage.