I will divine your future with ribbon fortune telling

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divine your future with ribbon fortune telling
divine your future with ribbon fortune telling
divine your future with ribbon fortune telling
divine your future with ribbon fortune telling

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Description General Reading In Depth Topical Reading Relationship Package
  A ribbon reading to examine the present and give advice for the future, at least 1-2 pages. A more complete and thorough version of the reading examining question areas, at least 2-3 pages. Two in-depth readings + a reading to explore your relationship past, present and future.
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About This Gig

Ribbon reading is a traditional form of fortune telling within Romany (Gypsy) communities. This method of divination combines intuition and psychometry for surprisingly clear and accurate results! This is a very authentic and old-fashioned type of reading which has been handed down for centuries.

The Basic Ribbon Reading explores your present and future. You will receive a photograph of the ribbons chosen, and a document 1-2 pages in length which interprets and explains what was found. If you'd like to know more, consider a Deep Reading. This will give you double the detail and information. You can also choose specific subject to explore, or ask 1-3 questions. A Relationship Reading is also available. This special offer includes two deep readings, plus a relationship subject reading to explore the future of your relationship. Perfect for romances, marriages, friendships and all relationships!

Don't make an important decision without spiritual guidance! See your fortunes revealed and learn the secrets to future happiness with a ribbon reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is ribbon reading done?
    The intricate details are of course a trade secret ;) - however 6 ribbons are selected at random, and their colours, textures, lengths and other attributes communicate specific meanings to the reader. There is an element of intuition which goes with this also.
  • How do I receive results?
    I will upload a photograph of the 6 ribbons chosen for you (usually .jpeg or .png) and a typed document (.doc) here on Fiverr. Basic readings typically provide 1-2 typed (12pt single) pages; deep readings 3-4 pages. Please message for any requests about formats. :)
  • What if I don't like the results of my reading?
    Unfortunately, sometimes you may not like the future I see. However, the information is always accurate. I include advice about how to best guarantee a happy and fortuitous future. Usually, there are ways to improve and optimise what is to come. :)