I will pitch correct your vocals note by note

Lucy was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! She made an auto tune song out of speeches my mother had given and we played it at the memorial. Lucy was the perfect person for the job -- she brought heart and sensitivity to it and we couldn't have been happier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEhQ1ejcdN8
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pitch correct your vocals note by note
pitch correct your vocals note by note

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Description I'll tune your vocals note by note Tune and add harmonies Complete package
  Tune vocals using high quality processing for transparent tuning or the classic effect! Add realistic harmony lines to your lead vocals and mixing (EQ, Delay, Verb etc...) Edit, tune, add harmonies, mix and master the vocals to your instrumental
HQ Audio File
Master-quality uncompressed audio file, such as WAV or AIFF.
Analog Gear
Seller will use analog mastering equipment.
The seller will apply effects and level changes to each individual instrument track (requires you to submit individual audio tracks for each instrument).
Seller will apply overall post-production polish to the newly-mixed track (or a pre-mixed track submitted by you).
Songs Included
The max number of songs/album tracks that the seller will mix/master (you may be able to buy additional tracks in Extras).
1 1 1
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
5 5 5
Delivery time 4 days 4 days 4 days
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About This Gig

Basic $20:

I'll pitch correct your vocals note by note, transparent and great sounding pitch correction at your finger tips at a very competitive price!

Standard $30:

I'll pitch correct your vocals, create realistic virtual harmony lines and mix your vocals to your instrumental track!

Premium $50:

I'll pitch correct your vocals, add harmony lines - if requested - and most importantly I'll enhance your instrumental track (If necessary), mix your vocals to your instrumental track and master it for distribution, essentially this is the complete package for singers who wish to have an excellent sounding track


  • You should preferably have at least a reflection shield for your mic
  • You should not record closer than 6 in (15cm) to your mic
  • You should record in 24 bit if possible

If you have any question be it about acoustic treatment, mic placement or DSPs, feel free to ask me!