I will do market research, business analysis and business writing

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do market research, business analysis and business writing

About This Gig

Investors need to have confidence in your understanding of the market, so don't let yourself down by skimping on research.

All business plans require careful attention to the following:

  • Industry Analysis: I will help you identify just how big your industry is in terms of revenue and numbers of players. Keeping up with trends (technological, cultural, demographics) is also important for this section of your business plan and I'll scour industry and news sources to identify those trends.
  • Competitive Analysis: You know you have competitors, but what do you know about them? This section of your plan needs to include an analysis of your key competitors, how they market their services/products, how they differentiate themselves in their marketing efforts, and what kind of market share they possess.
  • Target Market Analysis: Identifying and prioritizing specific target markets is another key part of your business plan where research is crucial. 

I'll expertly help you do all above and more for a relatively small fee.

I have access to fee-based, subscriber-only resources such as:

  • Dow Jones/Factiva
  • HighBeamBusiness
  • Hoovers (a D&B company)
  • IBISWorld
  • Lexis-Nexis
  • Plunkett 
  • Profound

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