I will give you expert legal guidance and counseling

give you expert legal guidance and counseling

About This Gig

I have the experience and the passion to help your business regain its footing and thrive, whether you need someone with expertise to assist you in setting up your business, or  you're involved in a dispute, such as:
Tax court cases;
Business formation;
Breach of contract;
Commercial real estate;
Business succession.

I'm not an accountant. I'm a business attorney who works to help entrepreneurs emerge from challenges ready to fight another day in the marketplace. I provides specialized services to a community of business people whose drive to succeed supersedes challenges that may require legal intervention. I provide discerning advice to clients who have retained my services. 

When you retain my services, you gain access to a hardworking, dedicated business attorney with experience in all areas of commercial law.

Whether you're starting a business, are involved in a business-related dispute, or are facing issues with the IRS, I'll work on your behalf to secure your standing in a competitive marketplace.

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