Yo voy a play whit you what you want the weekends

play whit you what you want the weekends
play whit you what you want the weekends

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Description we play online normal games let´s play hardcore large games MMO or crazy thing in your mind
  select a game you wan´t to play/learn whit me, we can have fun, or i can teach you how to be a pro. select a game we are going to play 10h+ daily, recommended for hardcore gamers who need a partner. for this i´ll play high ranking player lvl in a MMO you want, or whatever you want me to do.
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About This Gig

what i am offering to you is to play whit me the weekens for low money cost, i don´t play bad any game you know? i guarantee fun or entertaining the time you are going to pay, you can select the game you want me to play, and also if you buy my another offer i can play overextended time so we can acomplish your objective.

if you buy my more expensive offer (recomended for: dedicated players or players whit difficult goals in ANY game) you can learn, and escalated every ladder of the gaming industry (playing) whit me, this is not guarantee like the other´s. because it´s not completely for fun.

buying this offer also give you the power to ask me to do something, everything and i am gonna do it, you think.

every offer have and extra you can buy, this is a flexible plan, if you like something of other offer but you don´t have money, can buy a cheaper one and buy and extra, so when we contact, you can tell me what do you want for other offer i have here.

i have and ultimate offer here: if you buy two times the more expensive plan, (or a couple of extras...) you can receive a unlimited plan in my gaming group, so you can play whit us everytime, whithout having to pay anything!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • i want to be challenguer in league of legends, you can help me?
    wow wow... slow down... i can teach you how to improve a lot, step by step, let´s play and we will know how further we can go
  • i want to be in the lcs of CS GO
    please read the Q&A of league of legends please.
  • in any case, i only want to have fun whit somebody
    well i tell you what: if you and i have lot´s of fun, you don´t need to pay me :) (only first offer available for this)
  • english is not your strong right?
    nope, but that´s makes more fun to the oven
  • if i buy the expensive plan and tell to you to do another job, what you say?
    the expensive plan is also to do what ever you want, so if you are not looking for fun, but another job, and i can do it in the time you are buying, yes man i´ll do it