I will create an arrangement for your melody

create an arrangement for your melody

About This Gig

If you have an idea for a melody, I can help you turning it into a full song. Just send me a recording of yourself playing, humming or whistling your melody.

Ordering one Gig ($5) you will receive 
an up to 3 minutes arrangement with the melody and chords for your song, it can be :

  • Piano solo
  • Flute for the melody and guitar for the chords

If you need more, tell me what genre do you want your song to be and order one Gig for each additional instrument or minute.

You can have up to 3 revisions, and when it's ready I will send you an mp3 file with the track, and a MIDI file with your main melody. If you need to have the high quality WAV file of the final mix, order another Gig. If you also need the isolated stems, to make your own mix, order one Gig for each instrument.

You will keep the copyright of your melody, and you will also own the master recording, that means that you are free to use, sell or license the final recording, even for commercial use.

I will own the copyright of my arrangement of your song, if you want to own the full copyright, order 5 more Gigs, and you will be the sole owner of the arrangement.

If you need sheet music or tabs for your song, just order 1 more Gig.

Order Details

7 days delivery
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