I will proofread and edit up to 2000 words in 24 hrs

proofread and edit up to 2000 words in 24 hrs

About This Gig

I, with my years of experience editing documents, will help you to come out with a totally error-free paper, blog post, or document. Not only will I correct grammar errors, spelling issues, and tense problems, but I'll fix your issues regarding layout, text structure, margins, and spacing; problems you didn't even know your paper had! When your paper is returned to you it will be ready for any test it may be put to, be it your English prof, your blog readers, or your office boss. You'll be glad you sent your document to me!

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1 day delivery


I will accurately edit and proofread your text and send it back to you error-free!

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Number of words
This Package includes 2000 words. For each additional 250 words, the price is $5.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you fix content issues?
    I can, but there is a big premium for that. My main job is to edit, not to create.