I will create a bespoke android app at high quality

create a bespoke android app at high quality

About This Gig

I have been programming for 5 years and have recently successfully launched an app less than a month ago that has gained positive feedback from over 200 people with no paid advertisements.

I would like to help you create your own Android app. This will follow Google's material design guidelines so it looks as professional as the biggest applications on the Play Store.

I will publish this to the Play Store on your behalf, giving you an opportunity to beta test & check that you're happy with it first, saving you from having to buy a developer's license. I will provide support and updates depending on the package you pick.

The more details you can give me about what you want the better, including but not limited to
  • A description of every screen in the application
  • A colour scheme and design assets
  • The purpose of the app
  • Written content for the app (which I will proof read)

I will work with you throughout the process and will communicate with you the progress that is being made. You will be able to test preview versions of the application to check that everything is as you would like it to be.

Please message me before ordering so we can work the details out.

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