I will develop Web App responsive and scalable

develop Web App responsive and scalable
develop Web App responsive and scalable
develop Web App responsive and scalable

About This Gig

Four Key Features of our Web Apps

Responsiveness: We are going to develop a fully responsive and scalable web Application. Using the latest technologies out there like AngularJS, Bootstrap and many more to enable responsiveness in the front-end.

Scalability: As far as scalability is concerned, we will be using design paradigm MVC (Model View Controller), which will give our client not only the possibility of scalability but also would enable him to use the same server setup to serve mobile user or any other kind of his clients by just getting the client end developed in an appropriate manner.

Web Services: Our JSON (and alike technologies) based data communication approach will enable our client to start web services and related stuff.

Security: We will be implementing the most capable techniques to ensure our client's data integrity and security.
Basically we have this group of skilled and enthusiastic students who works in teams (under the supervision of very dignified and organized panel) and develop Web Applications using the most capable technologies. Our primary concern is the satisfaction of our client and develop a good reputation in market. I hope you enjoy working with us.

Order Details

10 days delivery 2 Revisions

All in One

We are talking about a whole working web-app here which is not just responsive but also scalable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which web Development environments falls under or field of expertise
    The mian three are Asp .net Java Servlets and JSPs Php