I will offer psychic Reading with Pendulum

offer psychic Reading with Pendulum

About This Gig

For the basic gig, you can ask 2 yes/no questions.
The full reading (20 questions) is the extra gig.

Written File. You will receive a simple file with the yes/no answers.

You can ask up to 20 QUESTIONS  to my pendulum.
Pendulum questions need to have a yes/no format.
Almost all questions can be formulated as a yes/no, by combining or splitting them.


For a love question, let's say: How my relationship with X will develop this week?
1. Does X love me/has a romantic interest in me?
2. Will X contact me?
3. Will the contact be at the beginning of the week? ( and then we narrow it down to a day, if we want)
4. Will the contact make me happy?
5. Will there be any invitation?
6. If yes, will we meet up?
7. Will the meeting make me happy? etc.

Message me with your queries and I will help turn your questions into yes/no questions.