I will evaluate Arabian mainstream media contexts

evaluate Arabian mainstream media contexts

About This Gig


I am experienced media literacy educator and critic and have evaluated lots of media materials in the Arab world, including social networks. Silently but deeply I work hard to watch, analyze and criticize all behind-the-scenes to re-introduce them pure and cure to the mass. 

I do analyze quality and content of all kinds of media materials for demanded purposes as a part project or freelancing job. This includes broadcast/printed advertisement, radio/TV/movie contents and songs lyrics/video concepts.

Gigs will be counted depending on the points needed to be evaluated; 
each point equals Five Gigs. Different media types requires different amount of Gigs. Evaluation always provided typewritten as analytical paper thesis.  

As being on Fiverr market, the evaluation is initial and not final and can not hold any kind of responsibility for incompatibility with its desired purpose.

Always, contact me before ordering the Gigs. And allow the time-zone difference. I work every day of the week except for the weekend. 

Thank you for ordering!