I will transcribe quality 5mins in Arabic

transcribe quality 5mins in Arabic

About This Gig


Hello! Salam!

I love typing and very fast and efficient Arabic typist! Isn't it enough to try me out!!

I will provide skillful and accurate 5-min Verbatim Transcription: video and audio up to two speakers; all done in 5 days, including but not limited to podcasts, videos, presentations, interviews, webinars and lectures. Sang or spoken! Files in excess of 10 mins may require more time. All my extras are valid for the basic Gig.

Guaranteed high standard for quality, speed, accuracy and confidentiality, including proper grammar and spelling. All in ARABIC! Temporarily provided on PDF only!

Please ensure the source is clear and clean to hear and links attached if necessary, and to submit information such as the the names of the different speakers and other unfamiliar jargon. I do not accept the work If files/documents delivered unclear.

Please, contact me to set up the time-line and to secure your slot before ordering the Gig. And allow the timezone difference. Deliveries are done from Mondays to Fridays, so accepting orders.

Thank you for ordering!