I will cast a powerful Wiccan spell for you

cast a powerful Wiccan spell for you
cast a powerful Wiccan spell for you
cast a powerful Wiccan spell for you

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Description Acorn Sapling Ancient Oak
  A powerful spell cast once ** MOST POPULAR ** A powerful spell cast thrice for improved efficacy As Sapling with use of a moonlight-charged branch of a sacred tree to intensify the spell X5
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About This Gig

I am a white witch who uses the ancient wisdom of the Wicca custom to inform my magic. Living in an ancient village in the heart of the British Isles, I have studied herbalism and midwifery and thus am aligned to the ‘wise’ women who have nursed, nurtured, taught and brought forth life through the ages. Whether you are an existing believer in Wiccan traditions or just wish to improve your love life, general well being or improve your job prospects - I am here to help. I use a combination of incantations, charms, positive thought and meditation. I have had great success casting for friends and relatives in other countries but obviously cannot produce physical potions to imbibe due to long distances. I most often cast and collect herbs/plants during the moonlight hours. The efficacy of spells may be more intense under a full or nearly full moon. It is possible to buy the ‘Ancient Oak’ package to allow me to use a small branch from the sacred tree for the time of year which will intensify your spell (I use the tree/moon calendar of the Druids). I will not perform spells to cause harm or ill feeling - please do NOT ask me to do so. A beautiful, printable PDF and photo will be supplied.