I will send you a premade album cover

send you a premade album cover
send you a premade album cover

About This Gig

**I'm a Level 2 Seller and this is a brand new GIG!**

I will send you 1 pre-made album cover of your choice (from my online store) which is perfect for your single, EP, mixtape or album.  This requires you to add $15 to this order.

This is a fun a creative way to buy a pre-made cover that is ready for you to use or even add your own text or additional images to it. 

***If you only pay $5 - You will only get a discount of $5 applied towards the cover at my store***.

For $20 What You Get:

  • A link sent to you to my store so you can browse and pick a cover and reply to me the name of the cover you want.
  • You will then receive 1 unique, pre-made, front cover, JPEG format (1000x1000 pixels).  This is exclusive, meaning no one else will get the same one you get.  Your cover will arrive as a Fiverr attachment.
  • A refund if you don't find a cover you like.

What I cannot offer:
  1. Any customization at all.. no re-sizing, editing, adding text or adding other images, etc.  Covers are sold as is.
  2. The project files (photoshop, paint.net files etc)
  3. No back covers