I will write you a love letter from a secret admirer

write you a love letter from a secret admirer

About This Gig

I will write a love letter to you from a secret admirer.  This is for ladies, 18+, only.  I will be very affectionate, but not overtly sexual or dirty.  It will be a "love" letter.  The letter will be several paragraphs and tailored to your information you provide.  It will be done in script font and signed "Your Secret Admirer".

Please DO NOT send me any information that could be used to specifically obtain your identity or money information.
Here are suggestions for what will help me:
1)  First name or a "pet" name (something you wish to be called)
2)  Some of your hobbies and/or past times
3)  Some of your favorite places to be
4)  Some of your favorite things to do

If you are comfortable with doing it, please send a picture of yourself (Do Not include anything in the picture that would give identifying information.  ie.  picture of your home, street, work, etc...)
If you prefer, please describe yourself in lieu of a picture.

This is for entertainment purposes only.
This letter is NOT to be considered real or any attempt for me to meet you or to contact you.

If you are the type of person who would enjoy receiving a letter that you can use for imaginative purposes, then this is for you!

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