I will send you my real life addiction stories ebook

send you my real life addiction stories ebook

About This Gig

This ebook (in pdf format) was written by me, a drug addict and alcoholic. I am now 8 years clean.

In this ebook I share stories from my life while I was using drugs, it shows how bad my life really got and gives an insiders look into how a drug addict thinks and feels while stuck in the cycle of addiction. 

These stories are meant to be more than just entertaining, my hopes are that other addicts may read about my experiences and feel some sort of hope for themselves. Perhaps they will even find the strength to find recovery for themselves. 

This ebook is also for addicts in recovery, may you feel not so alone in the crazy things you may have done! 

And finally for the families that are struggling with a loved one that is addicted, I hope that by sharing my story you might gain a deeper understanding of the problem you are facing. Perhaps you will also get some hope, if someone as messed up as I was can get clean, there is hope for your family member still. 

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Real life addiction stories ebook

This ebook shares real lifestories from my days in active addiction.