I will digital ink a model

digital ink a model

About This Gig

Ever wanted to know how you or your favorite role model/character would like in a comic book world? I can completely transform a high-quality professional photo into a classic comic book-like design, complete with the classic brush strokes, halftone, color scheme, and even a background that will make you say, "POW!!"

I can do this for marketing your indie movies, or if you have no pure intention for the actual use, and just want me to do it for fun, that works too.

Just the list of subjects I ink:

  • Self-portraits
  • Celebrities
  • Indie actors
  • Live-action movie/TV characters
  • 3D video game characters

You will be sent the final copy, along with design process copies including: The standalone stroke ink and zoomed in on the skin to show the halftone palette.

I do not ink pornography. Please do not send me a request for anything that is violent, inappropriate, or sexual. Unless it's actually a certain superhero/supervillain-kind-of-character you see in the live action movies/TV.

Order Details

5 days delivery 3 Revisions

Model Inking

Transform a photo of someone into comic book char. Ideal for indie comic book filmmakers.

  • Source File
  • Color
  • 3 Figures
  • Commercial Use
  • Background/Scene
Gig Paused

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you add speech bubbles?
    Hey, anyway to make the art style more authentic. Of course and there's no extra cost! Just tell me what you want me to include.
  • Do you do costumes?
    I could try and attempt to do a costume, but honestly, I might fail at it. Safe bet, don't request for me to turn you into a superhero. Just a simple nice portrait will work. TV/Movie comic book characters are an exception though.
  • What if I don't want your stripe background?
    I can make a quick benday pattern or chevron pattern if you want. Or no background at all if you just want the basic standard. It all depends on your request.
  • What if there is another person standing next to me? Can you ink him/her as well?
    I can do multiple, as long as it meets my maximum number of figures. I can also crop them out/do them separately if you want me to. The more you want me to do in one project though, it will cost an extra $5. Max is 6. Full body still applies multiple figures, just a one time fee.
  • What do you consider full body?
    I have a special way of looking at full body designs. If it's from head to waist, full body fee is not applied. If it is head to toe, full body fee is applied. Simplistic cartoonish characters (like my example) do not apply to the full body fee simply because of how easy the request is.